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Amanda Lindeman

Orthopedic and Structural Work
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Amanda Lindeman is passionate about massage. While she does it all, she loves and excels in orthopedic and structural work, as well as manual lymphatic drainage and compression garment fitting. After graduating with a 4.0 from the Cortiva Institute, Amanda practiced in hospital, chiropractic, and outpatient therapy clinics. She ran a successful private practice in Wyoming for several years before returning to beautiful Tucson.

Bobi Jo

Bobi Jo Stechcon

Board Certified Massage Therapist
Restorative, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and luxury treatments.

Bobi Jo Stechcon is a Board Certified massage therapist, who enjoys being an integral part of helping others heal, helping them reach a greater overall sense of well-being and increasing their mind-body-life connections. She spent most of her career at a high end resort whose visiting clients led very active lifestyles at home and while on vacation, which has given her much experience with restorative deep tissue work as well as relaxing Swedish and luxury spa treatments. Bobi Jo received her education at the Cortiva Institute in 2011 receiving 1000 hours of education in massage therapy, with extensive knowledge in Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Syndromes and work with Special Populations. In the culmination of her studies, she received her Board Certification, a highly esteemed designation in massage therapy. Since then has taken courses in Fundamentals in Oncology Massage, CPR/First Aid & AED, Working with PTSD as a Bodyworker, Neural Reset Therapy, as well as Deep Tissue Techniques, Aromatherapy and Qi Gong.


Danica Bartlett

Integrates both Eastern and Western medical perspectives to facilitate fluidity.

Danica Bartlett is a Licensed Massage Therapist whose approach to healing utilizes perspectives from both Eastern medicine and Western medicine. She believes the combination of the two will facilitate the body to work more fluidly, as a whole. Some of her modalities include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Sports Massage, Reflexology, and Reiki.


Frank Harris

Supports each unique individual’s health and equilibrium with acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Medicine

Frank Harris is a Licensed Acupuncturist who believes experiencing consistent joy and ease is possible for every person; he has a passion for working with patients to bring their lives into that state. He practices with the understanding that the source of healing is in the patient’s own self and body, and that the acupuncture, herbs, and Tuina manual therapy he uses help you to make your own medicine. Frank received his Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In Tucson, he has previously worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and trained in Classical Yoga at the Providence Institute. While traveling around the world, he trained in Tantric yoga at Mahasiddha Yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Ayurvedic medicine at Santhi Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Trivandrum, India.


Justice Bilbrey

Brings a love for whole body wellness with an emphasis on deep tissue, chronic pain relief, and neck and shoulder work.

Justice Bilbrey brings a love for whole body wellness paired with a deep knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. Her mission as a massage therapist is to meet her clients where they are at, and work together to create a tailored treatment plan for each person, catering to their specific goals for each massage — whether it be deep relaxation or improving discomfort or pain. Justice has experience working with clients from all walks and seasons of life. She has worked closely alongside both everyday gym-goers and competitive athletes to help reduce pain and facilitate recovery and help improve the quality of life and movement. In addition, attending her massage training while pregnant has allowed her to have an experienced and intuitive approach while working with expecting mothers. Combining relaxation techniques with specific therapeutic work within each session, you will always leave with a strong sense of restoration.


Kait Higgins

Specializes in equestrian riders and works with people from all walks of life.

Kait Higgins, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), began her journey first as an equine massage therapist in 2018. Having seen the benefits of massage first hand, she knows how vital massage and the power of nurturing touch are to keeping bodies balanced, whole, and healthy
Kait graduated from Pima Community College with her Therapeutic Massage License, and is skilled in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work, Cupping
Therapy, and Sports Massage. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and being around nature as well as riding her horse “Major” in a variety of competitions that include western
dressage and obstacle/endurance trail riding.


Lisa Garcell

Specializes in Prenatal massage, pain relief and management, and cupping.

Lisa Garcell is a passionate and experienced Licensed Massage Therapist in practice since 2016. Her primary ambition is to facilitate harmony and vitality in the lives and bodies of her clients through treatments carefully designed for individual restoration and healing. Lisa is a graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Tucson. 


Matt Silva

Believes every client is unique, not just a bundle of muscles of bones, and requires a different approach to healing.

Matt Silva is a Tucson native who graduated from the Cortiva Institute in 2015. He has a love for the health of the planet and everyone on it. He worked in a high end resort as well as having a small private practice for most of his career. During his time at the resort he spent his time learning from the many tenured therapists who specialize in a wide variety of modalities, and incorporated those lessons into his treatments. From training in Ashiatsu with a local therapist to traveling to Thailand for a month to learn Thai massage, he continues to expand his knowledge in bodywork. Understanding that his clients are more than just a bundle of muscle and bones, Matt believes every client is unique and requires a different approach to healing.

Mary Roberts is a nationally certified massage therapist with 20 years experience, who is skilled in Thai Yoga Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Release, LaStone Therapy treatments, is a highly experienced Reiki Master and Bodyworker who began her journey offering healing sessions to staff at domestic abuse counseling agencies. She loves to inspire people and help them perceive their life challenges as gifts for growth. 


Shayna Eutsey

Myofascial, Swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral therapy, cupping, reflexology, and Reiki.

Shayna Eutsey became a licensed massage therapist because she is passionate about helping people live their best lives. She incorporates multiple modalities such as myofascial, Swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral therapy, cupping, reflexology, and Reiki to help facilitate whole body wellness. Her experience includes working with a chiropractor to support patient pain reduction and recovery, a local hospital using therapeutic touch to improve health-related quality of life, as well as working with clients to decrease everyday stress and wear and tear on the body. Everything is connected; mind, body, spirit and Shayna will work with you to create a plan that will help bring back balance and leave you feeling relaxed and restored. With a passion for learning, she is always adding new tools to improve her practice. She hopes to add therapeutic kinesiology taping to her skill set in the future.