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I met Katie while in Italy. I am a personal trainer and running athlete. I came to Katie because I was having severe glute/hamstring issues. I really wanted to run the Athens marathon with less pain. Katie worked on me for weeks leading up to the race. That I was able to run. I must say she is an exceptional professional! I really miss her and have not found anyone since that has her knowledge and standards! If you have the opportunity to book with her it will be a treat for you!

I had the privilege of interviewing Katie at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Hashani Spa for a massage therapist position and she blew me away from the very beginning. Needless to say I hired her as fast as I could. Her technique is flawless and you can feel the warmth and passion transcend through her hands as she works on you. I have worked with many massage therapists over the years and Katie is by far one of the very best I have had work on me. I would highly recommend Katie over and over again.

Katie is more than amazing! My husband hurt his back working out and could barely walk. Katie helped him tremendously. She is so knowledgable about so much more than just massage! It's just icing on the cake that she has a personality of gold as well! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking massage therapy for an injury or just some much needed relaxation.

When I get a massage, I need to trust that the person giving it knows what they are doing. Katie Bell has an incredible ability to be able to speak to my muscles and have them respond. I went to her an absolute mess, and with each treatment came away with noticed improvement. From aroma therapy, essential oils, heated table and hot stones, she can make your muscles respond. Her positive, healing energy is relaxing and refreshing, and I recommend her highly.

Katie is one of the most talented body-workers I know. She seems to know just the right essential oil, technique, speed and pressure to restore your most painful spots! I get nervous being massaged because I have fibromyalgia and other issues. If a massage therapist does a bad job, I hurt for weeks. She not only helped my body so much, but she also taught my husband how to massage me without causing my issues to flare up.

Katie is one of most intuitive, caring and knowledgable therapist I know. She has a way of instinctively knowing where the body needs help. The oils she uses are soothing and relaxing, and you can not help but let go of all the stress in your muscles and body. One massage treatment from Katie and you will truly know what it means to have a therapist who cares endlessly about healing and relaxing both body and mind.

How wonderfully talented Katie is! My prenatal massage was incredible. Katie has the ability to locate and work out knots that even I didn't know were there and that is quite a feat. The icing on the cake is her warm personality and a true passion to take care of her clients. Such a gem!

I went in for a prenatal massage to release built up stress and to hopefully help induce labor. The setting was wonderful & I felt very at peace and welcomed. Katie has hands of God! She seriously made me feel so relaxed and rejuvenated! She used essential oils and hot stones! Best massage I've ever had! I will definitely be back & will be recommending her to everyone!

Katie is incredible at what she does. I have moved around all my life, which has given me the opportunity to have experience with many different massage therapists. If I could work some magic and simply move Katie around with me-I would. She is hands down the best. She is professional, competent, kind, dedicated, accommodating, and has a gift for making her clients feel comfortable. Katie seems to have a sixth sense to simply know what her clients need and exactly how to address it.


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